Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world

The most popular type of horse racing today is the British “flat race” – the type of racing on a flat road, according to a certain distance, to see which horse comes first. Of course, being a sport requires standards. This type is also known as pure horse racing, because this course definitely uses only pure race horse, with very clear and complete horse records.

Forget the concept of football as “the billion dollar business”. In horse racing, sales from the official racetrack, fully registered and paid taxes, was 115 billion USD/year (according to figures 5 years ago). That’s because horse racing definitely comes with a form of entertainment.

Both horse racing and seahorses have been popular in England and North America since the early 18th century. Each place has its own operating organization, on a national scale. For example, the British racing village is governed by the BHA (British Horseracing Authority). This organization licenses the operation and disciplines the professional jockey, supervises the training place and professional racetrack, revises the equestrian law.

Each year, the UK has about 6 million spectators watching horses, meaning that 1 in 10 people go to the horse racing at least once a year. The football audience cannot be that high. Also noted. Soccer spectators do not necessarily have to spend money after buying tickets to the pitch. As for horse racing, very few people come to the yard but do not fish. Hitting much is the other side!

Big famous races in the UK are Epsom Oaks, Epsom Derby, St Leger Stakes, 2,000 Guineas Stakes and 1,000 Guineas Stakes. The United States has a Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes or Belmont Stakes. Pure horse racing is now popular in at least 50 countries around the world.

In addition to the newly introduced flat race, there is also an obstacle race, not as exciting as flat racing because of the longer distance. The common point is that every race uses the horses pure and based on speed is the main.

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Horse racing, a traditional sport of England

The oldest horse race in England originated from the reign of Henry VIII and it is not uncommon for runners to win more prizes than winners.

Kiplingcotes Derby, which takes place every year near Market Weighton village in East Yorkshire, this year is the 500th birthday with a famous event, most memorable.

With only “a few carriages carrying tea” being convenient, this race has less in common with the Grand National than some of the quaint folk festivals in rural England.

Kiplingcotes allow any horse to attend and compete, without the need for a championship trophy. Purebred and “backyard” horses are lined up next to horse carriages and smaller horses belong to local children.

Most guests are amateurs bring “festive atmosphere”. The winner of the race earns a £ 50 prize, while the runner-up gets the remaining money, made up of the participants’ entrance fees (minus a little for the cost). In busy years, including last year when there are too many race horses to compete, the silver medalist can take home the most prize money.

The winner of that 500th race, Tracey Corrigan, could continue to challenge the most recorded victories, with 10 wins from Ken Homes, who also became the oldest driver, at age 74. But the records of the winners are not smooth with gaps in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Much of what we know, comes from an ancient document that gave the year the opening race was 1519, ten years after Henry VIII was crowned. The race was just for fun, because of a competition among local landlords.

It shows the original rules, including adding weight to the saddle of any racer, weighing less than 10 stones (64kg) to establish a level playing field.

On the day of the race, rivals meet at the finish line and consider. A single bookmaker, Chris Johnson, has been in the race for years and judges their eyesight when they show up. However, it is best not to run if you weigh a few pounds.

Then ride slowly back to the original post, before spinning and racing to finish. At the completion, they meet the audience, the numbers are in the hundreds and sometimes they come from far away places.

According to ancient rules, if the race didn’t go on for a year, the tradition was over. So even in those years, when the race was flooded or snowed, a local resident pulled a horse around, so that the 500-year competition still exists.

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The interesting records in the world of horses (Part 2)

The fastest speed of a racing horse – 70.8km/h

The highest speed a racehorse can reach at a short distance (402m) is recorded for a 2 -year -old horse, named Winning Brew, trained by Francis Vitale (USA) at the Pennsylvania state race in May, 2008.

The maximum number of horses pulling a cart – 141 horses

The world record for the most number of horses pulling a vehicle is 141, set at an event in Aubagne, France in December 2005. In total, 141 horses forming a length of 409.7m pulled the car across the streets of Aubagne in 1.5km.

The most expensive horse sold at auction – $ 16 million

The highest price paid for a thoroughbred horse at a public auction is $ 16 million for a 2 -year -old foal that has never participated in a race. The young horse, Forestry, was brought to auction by Demi O’Byrne (Ireland) in an auction held at Calder horse race in Florida in February 2006.

The biggest prize for a single horse race – $ 10 million

The largest prize fund for a single horse race is $ 10 million for the Dubai World Cup held at Meydan racecourse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on March 27, 2010. All of the prize money was given to the top 6 horses, of which the first horse was awarded 6 million USD.

The smartest horse in the world – Lukas

Guinness has recorded Lukas is the smartest horse in the world. Lukas, a horse that was once considered “risky and dangerous” at 17 years old, was bought by Karen Murdock (USA) with the intention of taming and reselling. However, nearly 9 years later, Lukas has now become Ms. Murdock’s pet.

Thanks to the training of the mistress, this horse can distinguish colors and shapes of objects, know how to do such as bowing, catching handkerchiefs and performing self -training movements. Lukas has appeared in many TV shows, became a “star” on countless websites and was nominated for the Horse of the year Association of American Horse Publishers Awards.

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The interesting records in the world of horses (Part 1)

According to Guinness World Records Organization, race horses are the most expensive up to 16 million and the smartest horse can distinguish colors, object shapes as well as many other extraordinary games.

The highest horse – Big Jake, 2.1 meters high

According to the Guinness World Record website, the tallest horse in the world is Big Jake, 9, of Belgian Gelding. It has a height of 2.1 m without iron foundation and whoeighs 1.1 tons. This horse belongs to Smokey Hollow Farm in Poynette, Wisconsin, USA.

Big Jake is currently kept in a cage with an area of ​​6m x 6m and consumes 1.5 bales of grass as well as 37.8 liters of oak seeds per day. In a video posted on the Guinness site, Jerry Gilbert  – owner of Big Jake, said the horse loves to make jokes, play and be kind.

The lowest horse – Thumbelina, 0.44m

Thumbelina mare belongs to Miniature dwarf horse breed, born and raised on Goose Creek farm in St Louis, Missouri, USA. According to Guinness, the world’s shortest horse is only 44cm tall and heavy.

According to interviews published with owners of Thumbelina, Kay and Paul Goessling, and his handle, Michael Goessling, the horse weighs less than 27kg. The owner and the owner of this tiny horse said she would never be bred.

Longest ponytail – 4.08m

A Shetland stallion named Golden Shante, nicknamed “Topper”, holds the world record for the longest horse’s tail born, over 4m. This horse was born in 1993.

The largest horse parade – 11,125 horses and riders

The record for the largest horse parade took place on August 9, 2013 in Mongolia. According to Guinness, 11,125 horses and riders from 21 provinces in Mongolia gathered in Khui Doloon Khudag of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Ulaanbaatar, to take part in the parade that stretches for nearly 4km. The youngest rider is in the 2 -year -old parade, while the oldest is 90.

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The best racing horse breeds in the world (Part 2)

Appaloosa horse

Appaloosa is a spotted horse breed bred by Nez Percé in Idaho, USA from the famous Asian horse line in the Middle Ages. This horse is about 1.4m high, weighs about 500 kg and is extremely smart agile, durable.

Appaloosa horses have a distinctive spotted color. Thanks to its distinctive jaguar-like fur, Appaloosa is often used in shows or movies.

Akhal – Teke

Akhal – Teke is an ancient and unique breed of horse at Turkmenisan, where they are honored as a national symbol. This horse breed is one of the most thoroughbred horses in the world, never crossed with any horse.

The Akhal – Teke horse is a glossy white like you usually see at the start of the movies.

Its galloping speed is extremely fast and is very resistant to endurance. According to legend, the Emperor Han Wu once offered a generous reward to anyone who could find him a purebred blood horse, Akhal – Teke completely met this requirement, but this horse was hard to live at. sue China and thus cannot live long.

Nisean horse

Nisean horse is a horse breed originating from the Nisean plateau (present-day Iran). This horse is suitable as a mount for ancient cavalry. Nisean possesses superior size and strength compared to normal horse breeds.

The Romans were impressed by the extraordinary health and toughness of this breed when fighting the Parthian Empire.

Andalusian horse

Andalucia, or purebred Spanish horse, comes from the Iberian Peninsula, where their ancestors lived for thousands of years. With the power of a war horse, Andalucia is greatly appreciated by the Spanish nobility.

The breed is compact, elegant but strong in shape, thick mane and long tail. The color is mostly gray. Andalucia is very intelligent, sensitive and obedient.

The Andalusian horse is silvery-gray in color, although not beautiful, but runs very well.

Quarter horse

The breed’s name comes from the fact that they are always used to race 1/4 mile races. Quarter is mixed with pure horses and Spanish horses.

Quarter horses are golden brown with sharp eyes.

Some of these stallions can reach speeds of up to 88km/h. This breed is faster than Thoroughbred in short races but not as tough.

Quarter is from 1.5 to 1.6m high and weighs 450kg, chest wide, short neck, horsehair usually only one color.

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The best racing horse breeds in the world (Part 1)

Horses are animals used to make feudal war horses. Modern times are often used to race, work in the fields, herding sheep, cows or pulling cars and plowing. Currently, there are over 100 different horse breeds in the world, the following Cavalry will rank in the top 10 best race horse breeds in the world which are highly appreciated.

Mongolian horse

The Mongolian horse is a native horse of Mongolia. This famous war horse was born on the Mongolian steppe lands and the Gobi desert during the Yuan Mongol Empire in the 7th-13th century.

This breed is very good at stamina and extremely tough and easy to breed, so it is less expensive. Mongolian horses are of medium size, slightly low, about 1.4m, the body is reddish brown or maybe dark brown. Fit body, enlarged chest, slim abdomen, strong legs.

Cabardin horse

Kabardinhay horse, also known as Carabola, originated from Russia, developed in Soviet period and raised in the highlands of Capcado and Zacapcado.

This horse has a history of over 400 years and has been imported to Vietnam.Cabadin is a specialized horse, used as a war horse, race or draft.

This horse is exceptionally cold-tolerant, suitable for severe conditions in areas with prolonged winters. Cabardin horse has the ability to run tough and difficult mountain roads.

The most famous are the races running around Capcado Mountain, crossing the mountain pass with a total length of 3000km in 47 days and nights, average speed of 64km/day.


The Purebred stallion was a cross between an Arabian stallion and a British mare from the end of the 17th century. The Purebred horse is the name of this breed and not in its pure sense. The Purebred horse cannot breed, hence the name.

The characteristics of this breed are particularly rough, clearly separated bones and firm nails. For more than 300 years of its history, the breed has been constantly improved to accumulate the essentials of a professional steed.

Thoroughbred is tall, strong, beautiful body and indispensable extremely strong speed. The fastest velocity of this breed is 60km/h.

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How to make horse racing more humane (Part 1)

Animal rights advocates offer improvements before Melbourne Cup 2019 in the wake of shocking footage of racehorses going to slaughter. Welfare groups say racing could be improved by banning the use of whips ahead of the Melbourne Cup.

After ex-racehorses allegedly being slaughtered and mistreated through footage from a Queensland abattoir on Melbourne Cup day, animal welfare will be in the spotlight.

Here are five changes to make racing more humane could be instituted immediately which animal welfare organisations say.

1. Two-year-old racing end

Horses do fully mature when they get five, and horses younger than four are not allowed to compete by many equestrian disciplines. The campaign director of the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses Elio Celotto said that they are literally babies.

But a study in 2013  by the University of Sydney found that for those thoroughbreds can be detected which have started racing at two no ill effect and analysed the race records of 115,000 Australian thoroughbreds over 10 years. The study still advised before racing a two-year-old caution.

Thoroughbreds are much younger worked. Horses are broken in as yearlings to train for a two-year-old race. When late-born foals are as young as 16 months they can race because foals are put in the same age class if all born in a certain year.

2. Whips ban

Under Racing Australia’s rules, before the final 100-metres of the race, a jockey can only use their padded whip five times on the horse, after which there are no restrictions on the number of hits.

Both the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses and the RSPCA say they have found an unlikely ally in the leading thoroughbred owner Lloyd Williams in recent weeks and the whip could be banned immediately without affecting the sport detrimentally.

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Interesting Facts About Horses (Part 2)

The world’s most popular horse breed is the american quarter

The American quarter horse is the world’s most popular horse breed appreciated by professional horsemen alike and beginner riders.

The original horse has same size as a golden retriever

The original horse Diminutive Hyracotherium which lived about 50 million years ago during the Eocene epoch was no larger than a golden retriever. Hyracotherium may have looked more like a small deer or goat than a modern-day horse.

Humans Domesticated Horses More Than 3,000 Years Ago

Dogs may have become human companions around 14,000 years ago. Cats had been domesticated by humans about 8,500 years ago. Although there are some evidence which showed that horses may have become domesticated even earlier, horse has relationship with human about 3,500 B.C, a little more recently.

White horses are gray at birth

Most of the white horses at birth were actually a much darker color and gradually turn white when they grow up. These white horses that you see may start out as chestnut, bay, or even almost black. These horses aren’t actually called gray, not white.

You can guess how old a horse is by its teeth

You can estimate the age of a horse by its teeth although it might be not exactly. Horses’ teeth need proper equine dental care and extra care is needed when feeding senior horses because sometimes a horse lives longer than its teeth shows.

Hand is the measurement for horse’s height

We use a hand to measure the height of a horse. Any equine of a pony is under 14.2 hands. The miniature horses is the only equines which not measured in hands and are measured in centimeters or inches.

A foal is a baby horse

The difference between a foal, filly, and colt depends on age and gender. Generally, a baby horse is called a foal. It is called a weanling after it is weaned from its dam. But, horses which are two years of age remain colts or fillies.

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Interesting Facts About Horses (Part 1)

Horse is such an fascinating creature of nature. You could have plenty to explore and spend your whole life studying even if you don’t know how to ride a horse. These are 15 if exciting facts about horses.

Horse can live until more than 30 years old

“How long does a horse live?” is one of the most common questions about horse. The answer might surprise you. The human life expectancy has increased, so has equine longevity. The knowledge or horse care, veterinary medicine and horse nutrition has increased.

Arabian Horse sas one fewer vertebrae, rib and tail bone than other horses

The Arabian horse possess some unique characteristics. It have one fewer vertebrae, rib and tail bone than other horses and is the foundation of many other light horse breeds.

Horse is Herbivores

Horses are herbivores while lions are carnivores and humans are omnivores. All typical characteristics of herbivores show in the type of digestive system, the way their teeth are formed, and the position of their eyes.

Horse is herd animal

Domestic horses feel more comfortable if they have companions while wild horses live in small herds. a horse feels quite stressful if it has to live alone. Your horse need a  friend (preferably equine) to be happy.

Horse stands during sleep

Yes, horses stand up when they sleep! They also sleep laying down, but only in a short time.

Horse Can’t Burp

Horse can’t burp, even can’t vomit or breathe through their mouths either at least not the way as humans do.  Unlike cattle and other ruminants that regurgitate food to re-chew it, the digestive system of a horse is a one-way street. This one-directional and long system can cause problems which result in colic though horse has a pretty efficient way of processing the tough fibrous foods which make up their forage.

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Learn to Ride a Horse For Beginners

This is your first time to ride a horse. You have to learn right technique and keep the safe conditions. Enjoy your ride, it will be very interesting. But don’t forget to follow these tips belows.

Handle Your Horse


You should dress properly for tacking up and riding horses when you go to the barn to learn your first lesson or you ride a horse for the first time. Before your first time to the barn you should wear a helmet, long trousers (breeches or jeans); closed-toe shoes, sneakers or boots with small heels, gloves (it can be useful for your sensitive skin)


Make friend with your horse. You an pet your horse to make your horse feel comfortable with you before the ride. Always approach your horse from its side, better the left side. Gently neck scratch your horse. Although various horses prefer affection in different ways, most horses really like to be scratched their necks. Before you ride you can feed your horse a quick treat. It might be a good idea to reward your horse after the ride.You can also ask somebody such as the owner of the horse, the barn manager, or riding instructor to help you tack up your horse for the first time.


Before you ride your horse you should groom it. Take good care of your horse before and after you ride by using several different brushes to groom it.

Comb your horse’s entire body by using the dandy brush, curry comb in small circles from front to back. To remove dust and dirt out from the horse’s coat you use the dandy brush.

After that you use a hard brush to comb your horse’s hair in short, firm strokes from front to back. The hard brush should not be used on the horse’s face or below its knees.

And the final step you should use a soft brush. The soft brush can be used everywhere on your horse, even on its face or below its knees.

You should also use hoof picks to pick your horse’s hooves. Stand next to one of your horse’s hooves from its side. You face the opposite way of your horse. Put your hand under your horse’s leg. Gently pull when you reach the area below the hoof and the knee The soft middle part of the hoof or the “frog,”, is often sensitive, so you shouldn’t pick at that.

Through your nonverbal command, your horse will recognize and lift up its foot, showing the underside of its hoof. Pick out rocks and dirt from your horse’s hoof by using the metal hook of your hoof pick.

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