15 beautiful horse breeds worth the title “king of the natural world”

Horse is an animal that is familiar with human life. They are not only loyal but also our close companions on every road. In many countries around the world, horses are also the embodiment of energy, luck, happiness, power, strength, energy and creativity. Not only have the rapid speed, these breeds also possess a mighty beauty.

1. Friesian breeds with distinctive black fur make people think of brave heroes.

2. Akhal-Teke horse belongs to the world’s most pure breed. It possesses incredibly fast speed and remarkable toughness.

3. The Percheron is a draft horse breed originating from western France, known for its intelligence and willingness to work.

4. Horse Trakehner originated from Germany, they are high quality sports horses that have won numerous awards in international horse riding competitions.

5. Haflinger horses live mainly in Austria and northern Italy, this is a beautiful, elegant and fairly calm horse.

6. Rocky Mountain horses often reside in Kentucky state, USA. This breed is famous for its mane and tail that has an ivory color contrasting with the glossy black coat.

7. Orlov Trotter comes from Russia with a striking gray-spotted fur like a beautiful princess.

8. Shire horses are a draft horse, they can pull a great weight.

9. Gypsy horse or Di-horse horse is a small horse with many feathers in its legs. They are also known for black and white hair spots on the body.

10. Knabstrupper horse is a Danish breed with unique fur like a Dalmatian.

11. White fur mixed with brown spots is often the characteristic of Pinto Horse.

12. Appaloosa is an American breed known for its spotted fur. It is known that the color or pattern on each horse is the result of heredity.

13. Tinker horse is another name for Gypsy horse. They are an effective towing assistant for the Roma people.

14. Arabian horse, also known as apricot horse, is a rare breed of horse originating from Arabic. In addition, they are associated with the history of equestrian sports.

15. Norwegian horse breed Fjord has a small physique but is very healthy. They are concentrated mainly in the mountains of western Norway.

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