Best race horses in the world (Part 1)

In the past horses are served during the time of war. Nowadays they are often used to race, work in the fields, cowherd and shepherd or pull machines and plow. Currently there are over 100 different horse breeds in the world, and the best race horses in the world can list as follows.

British Horse

British Horse has a large stature ranging from 1.4 to 1.5m, weighs about 400kg, often reddish brown or also known as pink or white horse. Their bodies are balanced and strong. British Horse is not only strong but also very beautiful.

The British Empire is very powerful in the War time also thanks to this good fighting horse. Currently British horses are preferred for racing.

Nisean Horse

Nisean horse is a horse breed originating from the Nisean plateau (Iran today). This breed is suitable for riding an ancient cavalry. Nisean possesses superior size and strength compared to ordinary horses.

The Romans were impressed by the horse’s extraordinary health and hardship when fighting the Parthian Empire.

Mongolian Horse

Mongolian horses are a native breed of Mongolia. This famous war horse breed was born in the Mongolian steppe and the Gobi desert during the Mongol Empire in the 7th-XIII century.

This breed is very good at enduring, extremely tough and easy to breed, so it is less expensive. Mongolian horses are of medium size, slightly lower, about 1.4m, full body reddish brown or may be dark brown. A well-proportioned body, large breasts, slim belly, big legs.

This type of horse is the strongest, high strength, and easy to feed. Speed ​​runs from 30-45km/h. Especially the Mongol horse can be trotted for 10 consecutive hours.


Hackney are famous for their speed and beauty that originated in the Netherlands. It is graceful and agile thanks to their size. Hackney breeds often have a sleek black coat, characterized by a long mane fluttering in the wind. Their limbs are relatively short and strong.

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