Birdcatcher Spots

Some people refer to Birdcatcher Spots and Tetrarch Spots to be the same thing, however, they are technically two separate patterns. Birdcatcher Spots appear as little, solid white, spots on the horse’s body once it reaches adulthood and will often fade and disappear as the horse reaches old age. This is not always the case however; some horses have the spots stay for the rest of the horse’s life. The pattern is named the Thoroughbred Birdcatcher, however, he himself didn’t actually have these dots but rather a pattern that is likely to be Rabicano.

Birdcatcher Spots Genetics

There is little stated about any genetic theory for Birdcatcher Spots, although it does appear that they happen more on chestnut base horses.

Check out pictures of horses with Birdcatcher Spots here: