Some people have declared that the blanket pattern is the result to a Pattern 2 gene however there has been no genetic study released to prove this theory. Instead it is theorized that many genes interacting results in the large variety of blanket patterns.

Spotted Blanket

The Spotted Blanket coat consists of a white area on the horse’s rump, it may extend down the haunches and up the back in extreme cases however these extreme cases may be suppressed Leopard horses. The spots are generally round and large in shape. Spots can cloud together resulting in a coloured area where the spots are connected and over laying each other, these areas should not be confused for Mismarks. Horses with Spotted Blankets are often heterozygous for the LP Complex.

Snowcap Blanket

The Snowcap Blanket is where there is a white area on the rump, which can stretch down the haunches and up the back, with no spots within the white blanket. As is the case with the Spotted Blanket, it is possible that an extensive Snowcap horse is really suppressed Pattern 1 horse. Horses with Snowcap Blankets are usually homozygous for the LP Complex.

Lacy Blanket

A Lacy Blanket is a small white area on the horse’s rump. Often the area is rigid in shape and appearance.

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