Champagne plus Cream and Dun

Champagne with Dun and Cream are becoming more common and because the horse world is becoming more interested in colourful horses there are even triple dilute combinations of Champagne, Cream and Dun.

Champagne with Cream and Dun Phenotype

Once again we see the lightened dun factors on these horses as well as the mottling skin and eye colours from Champagne, and in the case of the double Cream dilute then the pink skin and blue eyes.

Champagne with Cream and Dun Colours

Right now there is only a few documented cases of double Cream dilutes with Dun and Champagne, also I am unable to find any documents showing any Wild Bay combinations. Due to this I have once again applied logical names to what they may be called. For the other colours I used the most universal names, there are multiple names for many of these coats as is the case with most horse colours.

Check out the Champagne plus Cream and Dun album to see horses with Champagne and Cream and Dun genes: