Champagne plus Cream

The American horse breeds (including stock horses and gaited horses) are the ones fuelling the growth of the Champagne gene along with other genes combinations. The American Cream Draft being a breed that only consists of Champagne horses, though some lines also carry the Cream gene as well. It wasn’t until a handful of years ago that the Champagne gene was seen combined with a double cream dilute, as of right now I can only find records of Cremello and Perlino horses plus Champagne, however, with the horse world trending to be more colourful I can only imagine it won’t be long until other double Cream dilutes are seen carrying Champagne.

Champagne Phenotype

It is said that horses carrying one Cream gene and Champagne have lightened amount of mottling and eye colours that range from blue, green, hazel, and brown. Horses carrying two Cream genes and Champagne have pink skin with very pale mottling on the skin and blue eyes.

Champagne with Cream Colours

Here is the list of Champagne and Cream combinations, due to some colours not having documents of existing yet I have created some basic names that they may be called once horses with those genomes are bred.

Check out the Champagne plus Cream album to see pictures of horses with the Champagne and Cream genes: