Cream plus Pearl

Cream and Pearl combinations are more difficult then other dilute combinations as Cream and Pearl are located at the same locus. As we know only two alleles can be present at a locus, this means to have a Cream and Pearl dilute we can only have a max of one Cream allele and one Pearl allele. It is impossible for a horse to have two Cream alleles and two Pearl alleles as there is no room for four alleles present at one locus.

Cream with Pearl Phenotype

Cream and Pearl combinations result in colours lighter then horses with one Cream allele but often not as light as horses with two Cream alleles. The Cream and Pearl horses tend to have the luster caused by the Pearl added to the coats.

Cream with Pearl Colours

There are only a few Cream and Pearl combination horses therefore the names for the coats aren’t universal yet, I have chosen the basic names of what they do and could be called.