DNA Testing Labs

Want to DNA test your horse but not sure where to go or how to do it? DNA testing is simple and there are many different labs to choose from. Sometimes, you will find that some labs offer tests that others do not. If one lab isn’t offering the test you are looking for try looking at another lab.

This is a list of the labs I have tested with:

UC Davis – A fantastic lab to test with. I tested with UC Davis through APHA, receiving a large discount for a large amount of testing. Check out your horse’s registries to see if they offer similar discounts for DNA testing. It is located in the USA.

Animal Genetics INC – Very quick and easy lab to use. It is located in the USA.

PetDNA – Only lab to offer the Seal Brown test. It is located in the USA.

Etalon Diagnostics – Massive amount of testing for a very good price. Longer wait for results then the other labs. It is located in the USA.

Practical Horse Genetics – Great lab, working hard to offer a large variety of DNA testing. Often offers free testing to assist in their research. It is located in Australia.

Labs I have not tested with:

Gluck Equine Research Center – Offers DNA testing for 4 mutations of dwarfism found in minis. Not owning a mini, I have not tested with this lab. Located in USA.