Dominant White 20 DNA Testing Available for a Limited Time

Dominant White 20 is the latest of the Dominant Whites to be genetically discovered. Only a few Dominant White DNA tests are available to the public. W5 and W10 can be tested here at Animal Genetics INC. For a limited time, until April 15th 2014, you can send in your samples, and payment, to the lab to test your horse for Dominant White 20.

Dominant White 20 in heterozygous form puts white markings on the horse. Dominant White 20 is not homozygous lethal. In homozygous form Dominant White 20 puts white markings on the horse as well as white on the body.

A picture example of a heterozygous Dominant White 20 can be found here.

A picture example of a homozygous Dominant White 20 horse can be found here.

Go here to get to the lab’s page and for information about the testing!

Please share any pictures and lab results with Tawny Horse for the Dominant White 20 test.

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