Dun Allele Discovered – True DNA Test Available

It’s taken many years for researchers to find the Dun allele, this new discovery has been made by Animal Genetics Inc. In the past DNA testing for Dun was via a zygosity test, however, now that the specific mutation has been discovered a true DNA test can be done. Animal Genetics Inc hasn’t published much information about the new Dun test however states that horse breeds such as Quarter Horses, Norwegian Fjord horses and Peruvian Paso horses have all tested positive to this test. This information eliminates, or at least reduces the probability, that there are multiple Dun mutations which was the leading theory to why the Dun allele was so hard to discover.

You may be wondering why DNA testing for Dun is important. Dun isn’t always as noticeable in expression as most people think, especially when there are other dilute genes present. As is the case with DNA testing for all available colour genes; knowing what genes your horse possess is a great assistance in breeding programs as well as personal knowledge about your horses.  With the new Dun test you will be able to find out if your horse is truly a Dun and if your horse is heterozygous or homozygous for Dun.

The first, and currently only, true Dun DNA test is done by Animal Genetics Inc. The Dun test information can be found here.

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