Eye Colour

Horse eye colours are generally based on the coat colour of the horse, or on the pinto gene/s the horse has. Rarely, a horse will express an unusual eye colour given the visual genes present.

Brown eyes are the most common eye colour in horses. Brown eyes are the norm for the majority of genes including: Extension, Agouti, heterozygous Cream, Dun, heterozygous Pearl and Silver.

Blue eyes are the second most common eye colour in horses. Blue eyes can be caused by several different genes including: homozygous Cream, homozygous Pearl, Champagne, Frame Overo, Splash White, Dominant White and Sabino. There are still genes that need to be genetically discovered that cause blue eyes.

Green eyes are rarer in horses however can be caused by several different genes including: Champagne, homozygous Pearl, homozygous Cream as well as Cream plus Pearl horses.

Hazel eyes are often the stage of horses transitioning from Green eyes to Amber eyes. This transition is commonly seen in Champagne horses as well as in homozygous Pearl horses.

Amber eyes tend to be the finishing stage of eye colour for horses with genes including: Champagne and homozygous Pearl. However, some horses, including heterozygous Cream gene horses have been found to have Amber eyes. It is unknown to what causes these unknown Amber eyed horses.

Partial Blue eyes are where there is a combination of blue and another colour in the horse’s eye. This most commonly is blue and brown. Usually partial blue eyes are seen on horses with pinto genes.

Check out the Eye Colour album to see pictures of different eye colours: