Gulastra Plume

Gulastra Plume, also known as Silver Tail, is when a horse’s tail is a light flaxen/silver colour when there are no known genes present to turn the tail pale (i.e. Flaxen or Silver). The Gulastra Plume tail is rare but when found it is best seen on younger horses, and will often darken with age. It has a large range of express from bold paleness to only a slight paleness. Gulastra was a solid Chestnut Arabian who is given the credit of starting this mutation however never showed the trait himself.

Gulastra Plume Genetics

Gulastra Plume is more commonly seen in breeds such as the Clydesdale, Welshes and Cobs, all breeds with forms of Sabino present. This leads to the theory that Gulastra Plume is related to the visual pattern of Sabino. Some horses that have Gulastra Plume have dramatic markings, however, on breeds like the Thoroughbred and Arabian, horses with Gulastra Plume have little markings. It is unknown if Gulastra Plume occurring in breeds with Sabino is a coincidence or if they truly are connected.

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