Horse Colour Genetics Books

If you prefer to flip pages and feel the texture of paper between your finger tips; below are the books that I suggest, and do not suggest reading.

Books worth the Buy

The Equine Tapestry by Lesli Kathman – This is the most up to date book for equine coat colours. It is so well detailed and easily worded that I consider this the best horse colour book to date.

Equine Color Genetics (third edition) by D. Phillip Sponenberg – This book has incredibly detailed information about horse colours and the genes that control them. It is however out of date and can be hard to understand due to the technically descriptions.

Horse Color Explained by Jeanette Gower – There is several points in this book that is present as fact when in reality is just her theories. However, there is still some good information in the book that isn’t included in the other two books listed above.

Die Farben der Pferde by Dr. Monika Reißmann – This book is in German, however, the amazing extensive pictures make the book a buy despite the language barrier.

Books Not to Buy

The Color of Horses by Dr. Ben k. Green – This book is incredibly out dated with today’s understanding of genetics.