Horse image in football

Dark horse

For example, in the Premier League 2013/14, Southampton club is considered an equestrian because of their very good record against big men. So why is it a horse that is not white horse, purple horse or any other animal?
The answer is: dark horses symbolize agitation, unyielding, not succumbing to strength. The dark horse is the legendary horse of the West Office of King Vu (Han Dynasty). People said that the horse is a black dragon.

A football team that is considered as an black horse also has a bold features, no matter how strong the opponent is.

Mad horse

Unlike the horse image that almost appeared only in football, the symbolic horse image was used in many more areas, but used for the same meaning: rebel. Mad horse is a good horse, but it is very difficult to overcome. If a horse is used, the rider must be careful so not to get kicked by the horse.
A football player is considered a horse when he often acts to harass, disobey the team’s discipline, or cause internal trouble and affect the image of the whole club. A person is considered as mad horse is also often talented players but go hand in hand with many bad habits. The most famous mad horse currently in the football player village is Joey Barton and Mario Balotelli, who often cause trouble and scandal.

Two racing horses

The first race is just a 2-horse race (two horses pulling a carriage) in Europe. But later, the concept of racing 2 horses in football refers to the race to the championship of the two strongest candidates, and the rest almost no chance for competition. For example, in La Liga, the 2 racing horses refers to the competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona. In the previous Scottish League, the championship almost belonged to Celtic and Rangers.

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