Horse Racing Betting: Tips To Pick a Horse

In terms of horse racing, there are many factors to consider when deciding to pick up a winning horse before a race has even started. Although no one can say that a horse will definitely win, there are several signals showing strong probability that a horse is going to win or get placed.

Reading the Form

Reading the form is one of the best ways to choose a horse to make a bet. A horse’s past performances can tell a little about whether or not it has a realistic chance. However, this is an analytical approach. If you need a quick way to pick a horse, there are several factors that are vital to have a successful choice.

Examining the Race Card

Scanning a race card may be tricky, but it is simpler if you look at the horse’s form figures that are always shown on the left of the horse’s name. A horse with the form figures predominantly firsts, seconds, or thirds, can be safely assumed to be consistent.

Moreover, in handicaps, it is almost sensible to veer away from the top of the race card, since that is the place where the horses carrying the most weight are found  However, this method is not foolproof as the horses allotted the most weight have the best previous performances.

Among all, the best method for picking up a horse is ultimately down to the individual. Many people hardly rely on instincts to decide which horse they are going to back but the best chance of consistently picking winners is picking up horse racing tips by researching as many variables as you can before each race. Some betting sites such as Bet365 Sports and Paddy Power Sports have deep details for each horse for bettors to make an informed decision based on the knowledge they provide.

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