Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world

The most popular type of horse racing today is the British “flat race” – the type of racing on a flat road, according to a certain distance, to see which horse comes first. Of course, being a sport requires standards. This type is also known as pure horse racing, because this course definitely uses only pure race horse, with very clear and complete horse records.

Forget the concept of football as “the billion dollar business”. In horse racing, sales from the official racetrack, fully registered and paid taxes, was 115 billion USD/year (according to figures 5 years ago). That’s because horse racing definitely comes with a form of entertainment.

Both horse racing and seahorses have been popular in England and North America since the early 18th century. Each place has its own operating organization, on a national scale. For example, the British racing village is governed by the BHA (British Horseracing Authority). This organization licenses the operation and disciplines the professional jockey, supervises the training place and professional racetrack, revises the equestrian law.

Each year, the UK has about 6 million spectators watching horses, meaning that 1 in 10 people go to the horse racing at least once a year. The football audience cannot be that high. Also noted. Soccer spectators do not necessarily have to spend money after buying tickets to the pitch. As for horse racing, very few people come to the yard but do not fish. Hitting much is the other side!

Big famous races in the UK are Epsom Oaks, Epsom Derby, St Leger Stakes, 2,000 Guineas Stakes and 1,000 Guineas Stakes. The United States has a Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes or Belmont Stakes. Pure horse racing is now popular in at least 50 countries around the world.

In addition to the newly introduced flat race, there is also an obstacle race, not as exciting as flat racing because of the longer distance. The common point is that every race uses the horses pure and based on speed is the main.

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