Horse Racing

Classified as an equestrian performance sport, horse racing takes place between more than two horses manned by jockeys. It is also one of the oldest sports while the distance of the set course can differ from one race or track to the other. It is a popular daily, weekly or yearly event taking place in many countries around the world, and racing forms includes horses trained to run over obstacles, races taking place on a variety of track surfaces, various lengths, and races exclusively taking part between particular breeds.

Different Types of Horses in Racing

There are many different types of horse in racing. These include endurance racing, harness racing, jump racing and flat racing:

Endurance Races

In distance endurance races range from 25 miles up to 100 miles and the participating horse’s race across the country and have to perform during extreme distances.

Harness Races

During a harness race, the driver in a sulky is pulled by the horses while they are pacing or trotting.

Jump Racing

Jump racing is even more popular in Ireland and the United Kingdom than everywhere else in the world, it is also commonly known a Steeplechasing and in this type of racing, the horse has to also achieve success over obstacles.

Flat Racing

It is one of the nicest races to watch since it involves horses to gallop between two points on an oval or straight track. Flat racing takes place on surfaces that range from 400 m up to 4 km and the shorter distances are known or referred to as sprints.

Racing Day Excitement

Racecourses come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, while some are draped in luxury others have few resources are as bare bone as you could imagine. As with any sport, the races continued to evolve and modern racing days include famous attendance, couples and individuals competing for the best-dressed nomination, and then there is the opportunity for anyone at the race or away to place bets on the race. Luckily the days of standing in queue’s to place a bet on your favourite are long gone, especially since online betting on horse racing is available on all mobile devices and your desktop.

Biggest Horse Races Around The Globe

Horse racing is considered the largest gambling portal in the world, multi-millionaires around the globe have a special interest in the sport. One of the oldest and biggest tracks in the world is based in Baltimore, USA, it opened in 1873 and offers prize money worth $1.5 million. One of the most recently opened racetracks is the 1,125 miles track in Florida called the Pegasus that opened in January 2017 and now offers prize money worth up to $12 million.

One thing that is clear is that online betting on horse racing is now the preferred form of taking part in racing, and there is a new saying in town, while the high street bookie is losing ground the new generation enjoy fast, quick and easy betting at online betting sites.

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