How To Take Care of a Horse

Horses are strong, large animals. They are enjoyable and hardy companions, but it doesn’t come without frequent attention as they need constant maintenance and care. They also require loads of interaction with you, attention, and various activities to ensure they don’t get bored.

Keeping a horse requires a commitment of both money and time. You will need to have an exercise area and adequate shelter along with a wide range of horse supplies as well as the time to ensure everything is clean and well maintained. Basic horse care will include daily watering and feeding, regular medical attention, and daily exercise.

Horse Habitat

Horses will need shelter in order to protect them from various elements. They require shade during the summer and need to be protected from cold and wind during winter. This can be achieved with trees, horse stalls, a barn, or a simple shade cover which will greatly depend on the climate. Should you decide on a small stall, ensure it is not smaller than 12×12 inches and make sure that they get daily exercise.

You will also need to ensure that your fences are in good order. It’s best to avoid using barbed wire as horses often get caught in them. You will also need to regularly check for poisonous plants to ensure they don’t ingest them. The gates also need to be secured with a chain as most horses quickly learn how to open them.

Horse Feeding

You should always supply your horse with fresh water along with mineral lick or salt. Horses are grazing animals, and therefore they are used to all day eating, so ensure you feed them quite often. You can feed your horse two a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. The primary component in a diet of a horse is hay or roughage. If there’s grass around, there’s no need to supply them with hay when the pastures are green.

You should also be careful not to give them too much hay that consists of high protein as it will create hoof problems when they don’t get enough exercise. You also need to ensure that you don’t feed them after or before their exercise as it can cause problems and discomfort with digestion.

Horse Grooming

You will need to groom your horse quite frequently to ensure their coats are in good condition. This is also the best opportunity for you to check your horse for general health, ticks, and cuts. The hooves of your horse should also be checked quite regularly to ensure there’s nothing stuck underneath the hoof.

Should the bottom of the hoof look pasty and white in several places, there’s a high chance that your horse has a fungus. This is usually caused when your horse stands in mud. Moving your horse to a dry place will often get rid of the fungus, but it is better to treat it yourself with anti-fungal medicine that you can get over-the-counter.

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