Interesting Facts About Horses (Part 2)

The world’s most popular horse breed is the american quarter

The American quarter horse is the world’s most popular horse breed appreciated by professional horsemen alike and beginner riders.

The original horse has same size as a golden retriever

The original horse Diminutive Hyracotherium which lived about 50 million years ago during the Eocene epoch was no larger than a golden retriever. Hyracotherium may have looked more like a small deer or goat than a modern-day horse.

Humans Domesticated Horses More Than 3,000 Years Ago

Dogs may have become human companions around 14,000 years ago. Cats had been domesticated by humans about 8,500 years ago. Although there are some evidence which showed that horses may have become domesticated even earlier, horse has relationship with human about 3,500 B.C, a little more recently.

White horses are gray at birth

Most of the white horses at birth were actually a much darker color and gradually turn white when they grow up. These white horses that you see may start out as chestnut, bay, or even almost black. These horses aren’t actually called gray, not white.

You can guess how old a horse is by its teeth

You can estimate the age of a horse by its teeth although it might be not exactly. Horses’ teeth need proper equine dental care and extra care is needed when feeding senior horses because sometimes a horse lives longer than its teeth shows.

Hand is the measurement for horse’s height

We use a hand to measure the height of a horse. Any equine of a pony is under 14.2 hands. The miniature horses is the only equines which not measured in hands and are measured in centimeters or inches.

A foal is a baby horse

The difference between a foal, filly, and colt depends on age and gender. Generally, a baby horse is called a foal. It is called a weanling after it is weaned from its dam. But, horses which are two years of age remain colts or fillies.

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