Lacing, or Giraffe Spotting, is where there is a white pattern that forms on the top of the horses back. It usually starts along the spine then stretches outwards across the horse’s back. Rarely it is seen in a lighter colour then the coat colour and not in white, this is called Shadow Lacing. The lines formed by Lacing are crisp, bold and narrow. They rarely create any large example of the pattern on the horse’s top line; however, the pattern is progressive which means it grows larger as the horse gets older.

Lacing Genetics

There is no known genetic causes to Lacing. It is said that some horses with Lacing develop a skin condition where when healed the hair grows back in white. With other horses with Lacing there are no report of a skin condition happening. A Standardbred stallion named Aachen developed bold Lacing as he got older and it is said that he has offspring that has developed the pattern as well which does suggest to a genetic factor.

Check out the Lacing album to see pictures of horse’s with Lacing: