Lavender Foal Syndrome

Lavender Foal Syndrome, also known as Coat Colour Dilution Lethal, is seen in Arabian horses. It is considered more of a genetic disease then a horse colour as the foals die quickly after birth, however, the foals are noted for both their unique lavender colouring as well as the range neurological impairments. The neurologically issues include seizures, opisthotonus (hyperextension of the limbs), stiff or paddling leg movements, and nystagmus (involuntary eye movements).

Lavender Foal Syndrome Genetics

The mutation for LFS is found on the MYO5A locus. LFS is recessive, so a heterozygous horse will not be effected. However, a carrier could produce an effected horse. Homozygous horses are lavender in colour and struggle with the neurological problems.