Learn to Ride a Horse For Beginners

This is your first time to ride a horse. You have to learn right technique and keep the safe conditions. Enjoy your ride, it will be very interesting. But don’t forget to follow these tips belows.

Handle Your Horse


You should dress properly for tacking up and riding horses when you go to the barn to learn your first lesson or you ride a horse for the first time. Before your first time to the barn you should wear a helmet, long trousers (breeches or jeans); closed-toe shoes, sneakers or boots with small heels, gloves (it can be useful for your sensitive skin)


Make friend with your horse. You an pet your horse to make your horse feel comfortable with you before the ride. Always approach your horse from its side, better the left side. Gently neck scratch your horse. Although various horses prefer affection in different ways, most horses really like to be scratched their necks. Before you ride you can feed your horse a quick treat. It might be a good idea to reward your horse after the ride.You can also ask somebody such as the owner of the horse, the barn manager, or riding instructor to help you tack up your horse for the first time.


Before you ride your horse you should groom it. Take good care of your horse before and after you ride by using several different brushes to groom it.

Comb your horse’s entire body by using the dandy brush, curry comb in small circles from front to back. To remove dust and dirt out from the horse’s coat you use the dandy brush.

After that you use a hard brush to comb your horse’s hair in short, firm strokes from front to back. The hard brush should not be used on the horse’s face or below its knees.

And the final step you should use a soft brush. The soft brush can be used everywhere on your horse, even on its face or below its knees.

You should also use hoof picks to pick your horse’s hooves. Stand next to one of your horse’s hooves from its side. You face the opposite way of your horse. Put your hand under your horse’s leg. Gently pull when you reach the area below the hoof and the knee The soft middle part of the hoof or the “frog,”, is often sensitive, so you shouldn’t pick at that.

Through your nonverbal command, your horse will recognize and lift up its foot, showing the underside of its hoof. Pick out rocks and dirt from your horse’s hoof by using the metal hook of your hoof pick.

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