Legend of one-horned horse (Unicorns)

One of the fascinating stories that travelers tell is about the creatures they saw on the far new land, the unicorn.
This species has its head and body like horses and forelegs such as chamois legs, tails like lion tails. Each of these unicorn has a long, twisted horn in the middle of the forehead.

They are described as horse-like creatures, slim with horns shining brightly. But characteristics depend on different cultures. Westerners think these creatures are wild and cannot be domesticated. While the Eastern people think that they are very peaceful, gentle, docile and bring good omen.

The word Unicorn comes from the Hebrew word: re’em means the horn, translated into Latin as monoceros meaning a horn, which translates into unicorn in English.

In some legend stories, this creature also has white wings and it is completely free to fly in the sky. It is said that its horn has miraculous magic, preventing any poison. So that horn is priceless and is hunted down to make a drink cup. But to this day, no one has been lucky enough to find strange creatures in that legend …

It is believed that this beautiful creature shaped like a horse must have existed somewhere very far and long ago. For the early humans, these creatures were not trivial. The appearance of unicorn in legends is often very beautiful places: empty patches of forest, where there are murmuring water fountains and spring flowers blooming, glistening aura or sometimes in beautiful autumn forest.

Rumour has it, unicorn is a brave, fearless, agile and powerful creature. They challenge all brave hunters. Only pure white girls can approach and can ride unicorn.

In an ancient poem, it is said that this mythical creature disappears from the human world because mankind has made it more and more wicked by greed, hatred. Its mystery is a miracle, like a rainbow, no one caught it. Legend is like a sweet song that goes on and on forever.

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