Manchado is a rare pinto pattern that is more often confused for an Appaloosa pattern then a pinto one. Manchado is rare, yet seen on a scale of several unrelated breeds; Arabian, Thoroughbred, Hackney, Polo-Pony and Criollo have Manchado individuals. The thing in common though is that all the Manchado horse’s bloodlines trace back to Argentina. This has led to a lot of debate of the coats being caused by environmental factors. This is likely not the case though. Back when many countries were limiting horse breeds to specific colours Argentina was specializing in unusual and dramatic coats. It is likely that this breeding has caused the Manchado mutation that is seen today. Manchado seems to start on the horse’s top line and trickle down with the larger expressions. Within the white is numerous large spots which can lead to the common mistake of listing the horse to have an appaloosa pattern.

Manchado Genetics

There is no genetic test for Manchado, and it is so rare that it is hard to study. As it does repeat in bloodlines, however very rarely, it appears to be recessive.

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