Mosaic Chimera

A Chimera is the result of a horse having multiple sets of DNA, this occurs early in the womb when two embryos fuse. Mosaic Chimera is the result of a horse have multiple DNA instructions and therefore express the multiple DNA instructions. There are two known expressions to a Chimera horse; Brindle and Mosaic. It is not currently known to why there are two different expressions of Chimera. Due to the colouring being caused by a mishap in the womb, the Chimera coat can not be passed onto offspring. However, it is important to know what set of DNA the sperm/egg carries to best predict your breeding outcome if you plan on breeding a Chimera horse.

Mosaic Chimera Versus Somatic Mutations

Mosaic Chimera and Somatic Mutations can have very a similar phenotype. Therefore it can be impossible to tell if a horse is Mosaic Chimera or has Somatic Mutation without DNA testing for multiple sets of DNA.

To see pictures of horses that may be Mosaic Chimeras or Somatic Mutations check out this album: