The legend of Trojan horse (Part 2)

2. The legend of Troy’s wooden horse marks history

Agamemnon decided to fight the Trojan War, where Helen and Paris were hiding there, but because of the opening of the goddess Aphrodite, the other gods of Mount Olympus also attend the war. The gods split into two sides of the war, causing the war of gods to take place for more than 10 years but not yet come to an end.

The army of King Agamemnon tried many ways to destroy the gates of Troy, but the castle was built by the hands of Apollo and Poseidon.

Therefore, the King Agamemnon’s army had devised a way to get into Troy, taking pieces of wood into a big horse, putting his troops inside the horse, then borrowing the name of the divine treasure rewarded the soldier of Troy to get inside the city.

To fulfill the flawless plan, King Agamemnon’s army appoint people to spread rumors. However, in the city of Troy, there were two people – a father and a son – who knew this was the enemy’s tactic, so they tried to stop the rumors from spreading but the God of war Aris ordered the poisonous snake to kill the father and son.

After that, Agamemnon’s army was given the momentum to continue to spread rumors that the father and son of the army were killed because they did not believe that the wooden horse was a divine so that they were punished.

From there, the people in the city became more and more confident in the story of the Trojan wooden horse and they opened the gate to receive the wooden horse procession and the Agamemnon king army ran out at night, burning the city, opening the gates for his troops to enter, Troy’s army could not keep up, losing its strength.

This glorious war has become a legend that has spread to the present day, the wooden horse gradually becomes the symbol for a successful strategy which many countries have learned until now in fighting enemy.

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The legend of Trojan horse (Part 1)

Troy is one of the most famous legends in the West, if you are curious about the legends and remains of the Trojan horse in any year, explore this article now.

1. The cause of the illustrious Troy war

Legend of Troy began from the story of the prince Paris, who was dubbed the prettiest prince in the West at the time. One day, he was attending a party with vassals, the prince asked who had the most beautiful beauty in the world can match him.

The vassals immediately said, in the East, a beautiful, extremely beautiful blonde, Helen, who was worthy of being the prince’s partner. The most beautiful person in the West and the most beautiful person in the East, if you marry each other, it will be perfect. However, Helen is the wife of King Sparta, Menelaus.

Determined to steal the beautiful Helen, the prince of Paris asked for the help of the gods. How coincidentally, at that moment, the gods were also having a beauty competition to see who deserved to get the apple for the most beautiful person.

The unbeatable competition of 3 goddess candidates namely Hera, Aphrodite and Athena. Unable to decide who is the most beautiful, 3 goddesses decided to ask Paris, who is recognized as the most beautiful person in the world to judge.

Before deciding, Paris told his story to the goddesses and Aphrodite promised to help Paris.

So Paris decided to give the apple to the goddess Aphrodite, opening the first important milestone of the war. Later, with help from the goddess of love and beauty, Paris visited Sparta, seducing Helen and causing her to leave her husband and follow him. Menelaus was so angry that he asked his brother, the king of Mycenae – Agamemnon to help him get back his wife.

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Zebra stripes through the eyes of scientists

Have you ever questioned the striking black and white zebra on the African grassland? It seems that these two colors are easy to attract other beasts to attack. However, there is a new truth discovered that may surprise you.

Researchers have recently discovered that two black and white stripes appear to have a strange “ability” to help protect people and other animals from the bite of dangerous buffalo flies and nuisance from other blood sucking species.

In the Royal Society Open Science magazine, a report was issued that indicated the use of a black and white striped body can reduce the number of bites of wild buffalo flies up to 10 times.

Researchers have also studied scientifically after recording a number of different tribal groups in Africa, Austrlia, Papua New Guinea and North America using striped decorative drawings in rituals.

The researchers said the cultural significance of stripes and different patterns is mainly related to cultural factors, but in fact it plays a very anti-fly role.

Buffalo fly is a species that can transmit diseases through blood between animals. Thus, avoiding these troubles can be a matter of life or death on the steppe.

“We believe that the above tribes know the characteristics of fighting flies. Basically, the use of white striped bodypaintings can be considered an example of behavioral / ecological evolution and adaptation with the environment, “said Gabor Horvath, from the Department of Biological Physics at Eotvos University Lorand, Hungary.

For more convincing results, scientists also studied special effects thanks to black and white stripes using three different mannequins. In it, a dark-skinned mannequin, a light-skinned mannequin and a man with dark skin were painted with white stripes. After putting mannequins in a meadow near Szokolya in Hungary in the summer, they conducted a count of the number of bites received.

With the results, scientists were surprised when the flies had “forgotten” part of the mannequin pattern of white stripes.

Besides, using a high-tech device, scientists have shown that the white striped body helps polarized light reflection much less noticeable.

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15 beautiful horse breeds worth the title “king of the natural world”

Horse is an animal that is familiar with human life. They are not only loyal but also our close companions on every road. In many countries around the world, horses are also the embodiment of energy, luck, happiness, power, strength, energy and creativity. Not only have the rapid speed, these breeds also possess a mighty beauty.

1. Friesian breeds with distinctive black fur make people think of brave heroes.

2. Akhal-Teke horse belongs to the world’s most pure breed. It possesses incredibly fast speed and remarkable toughness.

3. The Percheron is a draft horse breed originating from western France, known for its intelligence and willingness to work.

4. Horse Trakehner originated from Germany, they are high quality sports horses that have won numerous awards in international horse riding competitions.

5. Haflinger horses live mainly in Austria and northern Italy, this is a beautiful, elegant and fairly calm horse.

6. Rocky Mountain horses often reside in Kentucky state, USA. This breed is famous for its mane and tail that has an ivory color contrasting with the glossy black coat.

7. Orlov Trotter comes from Russia with a striking gray-spotted fur like a beautiful princess.

8. Shire horses are a draft horse, they can pull a great weight.

9. Gypsy horse or Di-horse horse is a small horse with many feathers in its legs. They are also known for black and white hair spots on the body.

10. Knabstrupper horse is a Danish breed with unique fur like a Dalmatian.

11. White fur mixed with brown spots is often the characteristic of Pinto Horse.

12. Appaloosa is an American breed known for its spotted fur. It is known that the color or pattern on each horse is the result of heredity.

13. Tinker horse is another name for Gypsy horse. They are an effective towing assistant for the Roma people.

14. Arabian horse, also known as apricot horse, is a rare breed of horse originating from Arabic. In addition, they are associated with the history of equestrian sports.

15. Norwegian horse breed Fjord has a small physique but is very healthy. They are concentrated mainly in the mountains of western Norway.

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Why do zebras have black and white stripes?

Zebra is one of the most recognizable animals on Earth thanks to its distinctive black and white striped. Many scientists study the effect of these stripes and give different explanations.

Recently, in a post in the British Journal of the Royal Society, researchers at Eotvos Lorand University (Budapest, Hungary) gave a new explanation. It is a zebra that ‘uses’ body stripes as a way to prevent blood-sucking insects.

Scientists observed zebra and brown horses in Hungary, where many species of insects suck blood in the summer months. The results showed that the brown horses were 10 times more stung by insects than zebras

They also experimented on a group of volunteer body painters. One group painted another color and one group painted black and white stripes like zebra. The results are similar to those for horses.

Explaining this, the team thinks that alternating black and white stripes work to scatter light, making it harder for blood-sucking insects to see the target. Aboriginal Africans and Australians also often use the way of drawing stripes on their bodies to prevent insects. Painting color also has the other effect of reducing irritation from the bite.

Before this explanation, many theories about the effect of black and white stripes were given. Some scientists argue that it is a way to disguise to hide young horses among big horses; makes predators easy to be dazzled to detect; or help regulate body temperature.

In addition, zebra black and white stripes also bring significant social benefits, helping them recognize each other. This is especially important in visual communication between mother horses and their offspring.

These explanations are published in world-renowned scientific journals and are controversial. Most of them have not been confirmed experimentally. Therefore, the exact effect of the zebra and black stripes of the zebra has not yet been concluded.

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Nutrition for horses

Equine nutrition is a diet for the species of the Horse family, including wild horses, domestic horses, donkeys, and other horses, including crossbred horses. An accurate and balanced diet is an important component of proper horse care, especially diets that are very important for racing horses when playing top-level as well as using for work or during special periods such as when breeding horses.

Animals The horse family is a herbivore, mainly feeding on fibrous raw foods such as grass. When necessary, they also eat other plant-based foods, such as leaves, fruit, and bark, but are usually grazes rather than animals that break branches or leaves. Unlike ruminants, with their complex stomach system, Horses are disintegrating cellulose in the “gut” (cecum), part of the colon.

n fact, horses like to eat a small amount of food throughout the day (hybrid), because they are naturally present when grazed on pastures. The horse’s digestive system is a bit complicated and affects their diet, they are very susceptible to colic, the leading cause of death in horses, horses require clean, high quality food, provided regularly , and they may be ill if abruptly changed in their diet, horses are also sensitive to mold and toxins. Breeding horses is generally easier than other livestock, especially domestic breeds, they eat simply, just need fresh grass, rice flour or molasses. They eat junk food.

The digestive system of horses greatly affects the diet of horses, their digestive system will affect their choice of food, time of eating, food intake, their eating habits, and other related issues.

Giving horses plenty of clean water is one of the important priorities, it is necessary to allow them access to water regularly, otherwise they should drink water at least twice a day and allow them to absorb water. Few minute. Check that the water in the trough remains clean and does not freeze. Always clean water troughs and rinse every day.

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Why the zebra dad wants to kill its son when he was born?

The zebra seems to be a gentle animal, but the male zebra kills a newborn zebra as soon as it has just been born, which is nothing less than another carnivore like a lion.
The zebra whose mother has not recovered after birth has to stand up, kicks towards the male zebra to save his son’s life in a difficult situation.

The act of killing offspring of the same species is not only in zebras but also in many other mammals such as baboons Chacma baboons (Papio ursinus), lions, dolphins … with the name “infanticide” (killing a baby).

Anthropologist Sarah Hrdy of the University of California (USA) was the first to propose an explanation for the phenomenon in the animal world in 1970: “Killing newborns can be an evolutionary reproduction strategy at males and sometimes females “.

Zoologist Dieter Lukas at Cambridge University and his colleagues are behavioral ecologists Elise Huchard working at the French National Center for Scientific Research, or CNRS for even deeper study.
They conducted the study and observed the behavior of 260 different species, the results showed that killing offspring occurs in 119 species, of which the main culprits are all males.

After comparing with other good kernels related to social structure and mating behavior, both researchers found that killing offspring occurs more often in socially structured animals with males and live together.

Especially in that society, there are a few leading males, controlling the right to mate with the females in the herd (meaning that other males will be restricted or avoid from mating) but only in some stage.

In addition, it is related to the seasonal reproductive cycle of giving birth ( female zebra can mate at any time). Therefore, the male will seek to kill the offspring (especially the predecessor’s opponent ) in order to reserve the right to mate, making the female zebra return to the earlier estrus period.

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Horse image in football

Dark horse

For example, in the Premier League 2013/14, Southampton club is considered an equestrian because of their very good record against big men. So why is it a horse that is not white horse, purple horse or any other animal?
The answer is: dark horses symbolize agitation, unyielding, not succumbing to strength. The dark horse is the legendary horse of the West Office of King Vu (Han Dynasty). People said that the horse is a black dragon.

A football team that is considered as an black horse also has a bold features, no matter how strong the opponent is.

Mad horse

Unlike the horse image that almost appeared only in football, the symbolic horse image was used in many more areas, but used for the same meaning: rebel. Mad horse is a good horse, but it is very difficult to overcome. If a horse is used, the rider must be careful so not to get kicked by the horse.
A football player is considered a horse when he often acts to harass, disobey the team’s discipline, or cause internal trouble and affect the image of the whole club. A person is considered as mad horse is also often talented players but go hand in hand with many bad habits. The most famous mad horse currently in the football player village is Joey Barton and Mario Balotelli, who often cause trouble and scandal.

Two racing horses

The first race is just a 2-horse race (two horses pulling a carriage) in Europe. But later, the concept of racing 2 horses in football refers to the race to the championship of the two strongest candidates, and the rest almost no chance for competition. For example, in La Liga, the 2 racing horses refers to the competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona. In the previous Scottish League, the championship almost belonged to Celtic and Rangers.

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Legend of one-horned horse (Unicorns)

One of the fascinating stories that travelers tell is about the creatures they saw on the far new land, the unicorn.
This species has its head and body like horses and forelegs such as chamois legs, tails like lion tails. Each of these unicorn has a long, twisted horn in the middle of the forehead.

They are described as horse-like creatures, slim with horns shining brightly. But characteristics depend on different cultures. Westerners think these creatures are wild and cannot be domesticated. While the Eastern people think that they are very peaceful, gentle, docile and bring good omen.

The word Unicorn comes from the Hebrew word: re’em means the horn, translated into Latin as monoceros meaning a horn, which translates into unicorn in English.

In some legend stories, this creature also has white wings and it is completely free to fly in the sky. It is said that its horn has miraculous magic, preventing any poison. So that horn is priceless and is hunted down to make a drink cup. But to this day, no one has been lucky enough to find strange creatures in that legend …

It is believed that this beautiful creature shaped like a horse must have existed somewhere very far and long ago. For the early humans, these creatures were not trivial. The appearance of unicorn in legends is often very beautiful places: empty patches of forest, where there are murmuring water fountains and spring flowers blooming, glistening aura or sometimes in beautiful autumn forest.

Rumour has it, unicorn is a brave, fearless, agile and powerful creature. They challenge all brave hunters. Only pure white girls can approach and can ride unicorn.

In an ancient poem, it is said that this mythical creature disappears from the human world because mankind has made it more and more wicked by greed, hatred. Its mystery is a miracle, like a rainbow, no one caught it. Legend is like a sweet song that goes on and on forever.

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5 horses in the world mythology

Pegasus with swings in Greek mythology, 8-legged Sleipnir of Northern Europeans … are famous horses in the mythology in some countries.

Appearing in the culture of East Asian countries, Chollima is a galloping horse. Similar to Pegasus horse of Greek mythology, Chollima also has long wings. According to legend, this horse can run about 400 kilometers every day. It It first appeared in the 3rd century BC during the Qin Dynasty. Today, Thien Ly Ma is considered a symbol of North Korea’s economic development.

Tulpar is the term for a legendary winged horse in Central Asian countries. One of the legends said that the hero Ösküs-ool used part of Tulpar’s body to create the first violin. It is believed that this horse is a symbol of horses and a bird of prey. These are animals used by Central Asian people in hunting. Tulpar horses play a very important role in Central Asian culture and are a famous symbol in two countries Mongolian and Kazakhstan.

In Greek mythology, the mares of Diomedes appeared in the 8th victory of the hero Heracles (or Hercules). According to legend, the horses eat the travelers when they make the mistake of unaccepting the hospitality of Diomedes, the ruler of Thracia. Heracles conquered these brutal horses by feeding them by their owner meat. When halfway through, the mares found it to be his master and chased after Heracles. Heracles soon gathered them and drove them onto the ship for Tiryns. After giving them to Eurystheus, Heracles let them go. In the end, the horses were also eaten by the evil brid Stymphalus.

Kanthaka is a famous horse in Buddhist mythology. According to legend, this horse has white feathers, length 18 meters and corresponding height. Kanthaka is the precious horse of Buddha Sidhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. When deciding to become a monk, Buddha Sidhartha Gautama sat on Kanthaka’s horse to escape the family palace. After his death, Kanthaka was reborn as a scholar.

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