Pangare is also called Mealy. It is a modifier that is often seen on more primitive breeds such as the Exmoor and Przewalski Wild Horse. It is also seen on more human influenced breeds such as the Belgian and Haflinger. Pangare’s pattern consists of lighted hair on the underbelly of the horse stretching up the sides of the barrel, stifle fold, chest and rear. The Pangare horse will also have the lightened hair on its face around its eyes and on the muzzle. The contrast seen between the pattern and the coat can be faint to very bold.

Pangare Genetics

Little study has gone into Pangare genetically and it likely will go unstudied while greater genes are being looked at. Sponenberg mentions that is likely dominant and would be represented as Pa when written out in a genome. Other people suggest that it is a recessive trait. However, when looking at Belgian and Haflinger crosses who are Pangare it seems to suggest that Pangare is indeed a dominant, or at least incomplete dominant, gene,

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