Rabicano is a rare ticking pattern of white hairs interlaced on a horse’s body. Specifically it follows the pattern of forming in the stifle fold of a horse and as the expression gets larger and larger the ticking spreads across the horse’s barrel and can be found on the throat, chest and between the hind legs. It can form a sort of ribbed appearance, where the white ticked hairs lines in rows beside unticked areas over the rib cage(this ribbed effect can also be found on LP horses). Rabicano horses are noted for having white hairs on the dock of the horse’s tail white can be called Skunk Tails or Coon Tails.

Rabicano can be found in breeds including the Arabian and Thoroughbred. Arabs do no have Roan present in the breed which leads the theory that Rabicano is indeed it’s own gene not related to Roan.

Check out this album to see pictures of Rabicano horses: