Reverse Dapple Roan

This is a very rare occurrence where a horse has the white hairs of roan organized in a pattern created reverse dapples. It is so rare that author of The Equine Tapestry is the first to talk about it (that I have found) and therefore named it. Examples of this coat pattern shows that the horse (or pony) is born a solid colour and the progression of the pattern starts to roan over the entire coat then the dappled pattern occurs. The pattern seems to start on the horse’s back and over the years stretch out down the sides of the body. These markings can often be confused as lacing however there are some key differences. Lacing is a collection of line white lines that are often rigid and crisp where as reverse dapple roan has wider lines that are less crisp and defined. Lacing is often a small pattern located in small areas on the top line, whereas reverse dapple roan is far larger and extensive on the horse.

Reverse Dapple Roan Genetics

As this has been seen on so few horses very little is know about it. Some theorize it’s a part of roan.

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