Reverse Dapples

As the name suggests Reverse Dapples are the opposite of Dapples. Where Dapples are light in the middle and dark on the outside Reverse Dapples are dark in the middle and light on the outside. Most commonly Reverse Dapples are seen on horses with clipped coats however you can see them rarely on the horses full length coat. Reverse Dapples are rarer then normal Dapples. Miniatures are often shown clipped and you will see some with Reverse Dapples.

Reverse Dapples Genetics

There are many theories for what causes Dapples including health of the horse and the blood vessels directly under the skin. Dapples can frequent on several coat colours genes including Silver, Grey and Sooty. Why there are two different variations of Dapples (Dapples and Reverse Dapples) is not known, nor is it known what specifically causes one or the other on a horse.