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Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world

The most popular type of horse racing today is the British “flat race” – the type of racing on a flat road, according to a certain distance, to see which horse comes first. Of course, being a sport requires standards. … Continue reading

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Nutrition for horses

Equine nutrition is a diet for the species of the Horse family, including wild horses, domestic horses, donkeys, and other horses, including crossbred horses. An accurate and balanced diet is an important component of proper horse care, especially diets that … Continue reading

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Horse image in football

Dark horse For example, in the Premier League 2013/14, Southampton club is considered an equestrian because of their very good record against big men. So why is it a horse that is not white horse, purple horse or any other … Continue reading

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Legend of one-horned horse (Unicorns)

One of the fascinating stories that travelers tell is about the creatures they saw on the far new land, the unicorn. This species has its head and body like horses and forelegs such as chamois legs, tails like lion tails. … Continue reading

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The Sooty Gene: Tawny

When we use the term ‘sooty gene’, we use it lightly. Is there truly one gene at work? The phenotypes of what we consider sooty horses range distinctly through horses, could one gene possibly cause the effects we see for … Continue reading

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