The best racing horse breeds in the world (Part 1)

Horses are animals used to make feudal war horses. Modern times are often used to race, work in the fields, herding sheep, cows or pulling cars and plowing. Currently, there are over 100 different horse breeds in the world, the following Cavalry will rank in the top 10 best race horse breeds in the world which are highly appreciated.

Mongolian horse

The Mongolian horse is a native horse of Mongolia. This famous war horse was born on the Mongolian steppe lands and the Gobi desert during the Yuan Mongol Empire in the 7th-13th century.

This breed is very good at stamina and extremely tough and easy to breed, so it is less expensive. Mongolian horses are of medium size, slightly low, about 1.4m, the body is reddish brown or maybe dark brown. Fit body, enlarged chest, slim abdomen, strong legs.

Cabardin horse

Kabardinhay horse, also known as Carabola, originated from Russia, developed in Soviet period and raised in the highlands of Capcado and Zacapcado.

This horse has a history of over 400 years and has been imported to Vietnam.Cabadin is a specialized horse, used as a war horse, race or draft.

This horse is exceptionally cold-tolerant, suitable for severe conditions in areas with prolonged winters. Cabardin horse has the ability to run tough and difficult mountain roads.

The most famous are the races running around Capcado Mountain, crossing the mountain pass with a total length of 3000km in 47 days and nights, average speed of 64km/day.


The Purebred stallion was a cross between an Arabian stallion and a British mare from the end of the 17th century. The Purebred horse is the name of this breed and not in its pure sense. The Purebred horse cannot breed, hence the name.

The characteristics of this breed are particularly rough, clearly separated bones and firm nails. For more than 300 years of its history, the breed has been constantly improved to accumulate the essentials of a professional steed.

Thoroughbred is tall, strong, beautiful body and indispensable extremely strong speed. The fastest velocity of this breed is 60km/h.

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