The best racing horse breeds in the world (Part 2)

Appaloosa horse

Appaloosa is a spotted horse breed bred by Nez Percé in Idaho, USA from the famous Asian horse line in the Middle Ages. This horse is about 1.4m high, weighs about 500 kg and is extremely smart agile, durable.

Appaloosa horses have a distinctive spotted color. Thanks to its distinctive jaguar-like fur, Appaloosa is often used in shows or movies.

Akhal – Teke

Akhal – Teke is an ancient and unique breed of horse at Turkmenisan, where they are honored as a national symbol. This horse breed is one of the most thoroughbred horses in the world, never crossed with any horse.

The Akhal – Teke horse is a glossy white like you usually see at the start of the movies.

Its galloping speed is extremely fast and is very resistant to endurance. According to legend, the Emperor Han Wu once offered a generous reward to anyone who could find him a purebred blood horse, Akhal – Teke completely met this requirement, but this horse was hard to live at. sue China and thus cannot live long.

Nisean horse

Nisean horse is a horse breed originating from the Nisean plateau (present-day Iran). This horse is suitable as a mount for ancient cavalry. Nisean possesses superior size and strength compared to normal horse breeds.

The Romans were impressed by the extraordinary health and toughness of this breed when fighting the Parthian Empire.

Andalusian horse

Andalucia, or purebred Spanish horse, comes from the Iberian Peninsula, where their ancestors lived for thousands of years. With the power of a war horse, Andalucia is greatly appreciated by the Spanish nobility.

The breed is compact, elegant but strong in shape, thick mane and long tail. The color is mostly gray. Andalucia is very intelligent, sensitive and obedient.

The Andalusian horse is silvery-gray in color, although not beautiful, but runs very well.

Quarter horse

The breed’s name comes from the fact that they are always used to race 1/4 mile races. Quarter is mixed with pure horses and Spanish horses.

Quarter horses are golden brown with sharp eyes.

Some of these stallions can reach speeds of up to 88km/h. This breed is faster than Thoroughbred in short races but not as tough.

Quarter is from 1.5 to 1.6m high and weighs 450kg, chest wide, short neck, horsehair usually only one color.

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