The Biggest Horse Racing Countries in the World (part 1)

When it comes to horse racing events, the UK and Ireland tend to draw the biggest crowds as well as the most money, but they are not the only major markets for the sport. Now, many of the most prestigious horse racing events are increasingly held in different countries that offer lucrative career chances for buyers, jockeys, and trainers. Here is a list of the biggest horse racing countries outside of the UK and Ireland.

1. Japan

Mentioning horse racing, just few people outside of Asia think of Japan. In fact, this country is the largest horse racing market in the world when it comes to value, boasting more than £16 billion per year in revenues. Japan hosts several major horse racing events, including the annual Japan Cup – one of the richest turf race in the world with a £4.3 million prize purse. Every year, around 21,000 official horse races are taking place in Japan, far more than any country all over the world.

2. The United States

The Kentucky Derby may attract all of the attention, but horse racing is a nationwide pastime in the US with up to £11 billion a year horse racing scene including a high number of prestigious turf events such as the Arkansas Derby, the Belmont Stakes, and the Breeders’ Cup. Horse racing pundits are taking more and more notice of racing events in the country. As a result, major horse racing betting providers now provide updated odds on all races in the US.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be a small region, but the passion for horse racing of Hong Kong people has no bounds. This tiny semi-autonomous region has a horse racing market estimated to be worth about £6 billion per year, almost all of which is centered around the Hong Kong Jockey Club, with its main track located in the sleepy Happy Valley neighborhood of the city. The club is the official home of the Asian Racing Federation and hosts more than 700 races every year.

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