The legend of Trojan horse (Part 1)

Troy is one of the most famous legends in the West, if you are curious about the legends and remains of the Trojan horse in any year, explore this article now.

1. The cause of the illustrious Troy war

Legend of Troy began from the story of the prince Paris, who was dubbed the prettiest prince in the West at the time. One day, he was attending a party with vassals, the prince asked who had the most beautiful beauty in the world can match him.

The vassals immediately said, in the East, a beautiful, extremely beautiful blonde, Helen, who was worthy of being the prince’s partner. The most beautiful person in the West and the most beautiful person in the East, if you marry each other, it will be perfect. However, Helen is the wife of King Sparta, Menelaus.

Determined to steal the beautiful Helen, the prince of Paris asked for the help of the gods. How coincidentally, at that moment, the gods were also having a beauty competition to see who deserved to get the apple for the most beautiful person.

The unbeatable competition of 3 goddess candidates namely Hera, Aphrodite and Athena. Unable to decide who is the most beautiful, 3 goddesses decided to ask Paris, who is recognized as the most beautiful person in the world to judge.

Before deciding, Paris told his story to the goddesses and Aphrodite promised to help Paris.

So Paris decided to give the apple to the goddess Aphrodite, opening the first important milestone of the war. Later, with help from the goddess of love and beauty, Paris visited Sparta, seducing Helen and causing her to leave her husband and follow him. Menelaus was so angry that he asked his brother, the king of Mycenae – Agamemnon to help him get back his wife.

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