The legend of Trojan horse (Part 2)

2. The legend of Troy’s wooden horse marks history

Agamemnon decided to fight the Trojan War, where Helen and Paris were hiding there, but because of the opening of the goddess Aphrodite, the other gods of Mount Olympus also attend the war. The gods split into two sides of the war, causing the war of gods to take place for more than 10 years but not yet come to an end.

The army of King Agamemnon tried many ways to destroy the gates of Troy, but the castle was built by the hands of Apollo and Poseidon.

Therefore, the King Agamemnon’s army had devised a way to get into Troy, taking pieces of wood into a big horse, putting his troops inside the horse, then borrowing the name of the divine treasure rewarded the soldier of Troy to get inside the city.

To fulfill the flawless plan, King Agamemnon’s army appoint people to spread rumors. However, in the city of Troy, there were two people – a father and a son – who knew this was the enemy’s tactic, so they tried to stop the rumors from spreading but the God of war Aris ordered the poisonous snake to kill the father and son.

After that, Agamemnon’s army was given the momentum to continue to spread rumors that the father and son of the army were killed because they did not believe that the wooden horse was a divine so that they were punished.

From there, the people in the city became more and more confident in the story of the Trojan wooden horse and they opened the gate to receive the wooden horse procession and the Agamemnon king army ran out at night, burning the city, opening the gates for his troops to enter, Troy’s army could not keep up, losing its strength.

This glorious war has become a legend that has spread to the present day, the wooden horse gradually becomes the symbol for a successful strategy which many countries have learned until now in fighting enemy.

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