The most interesting things about horses (Part 1)

Horses have been associated with human life for thousands of years. This “mighty” animal has many interesting things that not all of us know today.

1. Horses have “remember long, tough” brains

According to a 2010 study, horses have the same intelligence as elephants, especially its memory is much better than what people previously anticipated. If you treat your horse well, the horse will remember you like a soulmate in life. But beware, when you accidentally or wrongly treat a horse, he/she will never forget.

2. The Arabian horse runs best

Arabian horses are considered one of the oldest horses on the planet, appearing at least 4,500 years ago. This breed has a strange point with larger ribs than other horses.

Although less lumbar and caudal vertebrae, the Arabian horse has the best health and endurance in the kingdom of animals. It is capable of running at once more than 160 km without a break.

3. Name of the horse follows the rules

According to the review of foreign researchers, horse names often end with tails like “Seabiscui”, “Horlick” or “Ohnoitsmymotherinlaw”. This is no coincidence. Many owners want to place a strong name “Man O’War” because they believe this horse will give them luck in the races.

Meanwhile many people named horses must respect the name in the genealogy of this horse because they think that, if not, the horse can bring unhappiness. Even some horse racing clubs limit the name for horses to 18 characters long, prohibiting naming is obscene, racist or overly aggressive.

4. “Great” effect of horseshoeing

Everyone knows that most farmed horses are fake nails, but few realize that these pieces of metal not only protect horseshoes like shoes but also improve traction for horses. In particular, fake nails for horses are also traded like a shoe for humans. It also has a variety of ultra-light aluminum shoes for racing horses.

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