The story of million-dollar Arabian horses

Do you want to learn the process of horse care and training to serve the hobby of the super-rich Middle East? Do you want to admire a royal-class race, where the Arab princes stoop on the backs of powerful and majestic horses to win the championship?

You can experience all these strange things, just after a journey to visit Al Shaqab Horse Racing Academy – the leading Arab horse breeding, training and organization center in the Middle East.

From the top, Al Shaqab reminds visitors of the shape of a horseshoe. With an area of ​​up to one million square meters, this beautiful structure creates an impressive visual highlight for visitors. As you sit on the tram to wander around the main parts of the vast complex that is showing off its lavish looks everywhere, this place.

Arabian horses (also known as apricot horses), have been ranked as the most famous horse breed in the world. Outstanding with aristocratic beauty and extremely prolific physique, this is also the oldest horse breed (first appeared 4500 years ago) and has a strong influence on every breed of horse around the world. First domesticated by the Bedouin people in the Middle East, Arabian horses now roam in every road race, in many territories and continents around the world.

The author of the article, the two-year-old horse has a starting price of $ 200,000. When mature, it can reach the price of 1 million USD.

Possessing an average height from 1m35 to 1m40, with a characteristic dark brown fur with white spots, the Arabian horse has a special shape with a high head and tail, compared to other types. The slender shape, running as fast as the Mongolian horse, is highly adaptable to the dry conditions of the vast Arabian desert. The Arab horses when galloping can reach a record of nearly nine minutes, to cross the 7 km distance. They also possess extremely durable stamina, when capable of launching 160 km in a row without rest.

Al Shaqab has become a destination not to be missed, when to Qatar. Strange experience here, with million dollar horses is unforgettable!

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