The world’s most unique dwarf horse

The Shetland dwarf horse is only as tall as a child but has the pulling power of a cow and is one of the smartest horses today. They are considered by the Scltlan people to be national mascots.

The Shetland pony originated in today’s eastern Shetland Islands. Shetland horses are quite small compared to other horse breeds. It has an average height of 75cm – 107cm.

Although small, it is considered one of the smartest horse breeds today. Despite their small size, they are very healthy. So they are used to pull carts, carry peat, coal and other items even plowing instead of cattle.

They are easily distinguishable from other horse breeds because of their long, beautiful coat. In the mid-19th century thousands of Shetland horses were brought to England to work in pits, drawing coal underground.

Today Shetland horses are used in horse racing training centers for children. Shetland is also used in horse racing schools for children.

One of them is also kept in a zoo to serve visitors. They are also used as a vehicle for tourists in major European cities or commercial centers.

Because they are very intelligent, they are allowed to take instructional classes like a dog. Compared to other horse breeds of the same size, Shetland is much stronger. The horses chosen for training were managed by the Royal Scottish Regiment.

Today Shetland ponies are used in horse racing training centers for children. Some of them are raised at petting zoos for sightseeing and used as transportation for passengers in major cities in Europe or commercial centers.

Shetland has thick and long mane and a thick fur like winter coat helps them to withstand extreme weather. Shetland has all colors from black, chestnut, gray, palomino, brown, cremello, and silver to pink white.

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