Top three among the most famous horses in the history

From the real, record-holding horses to those of myth and legend, there are so many horses that have become so famous and beloved all over the world. Here are top three among these horses.

Black Beauty

Anna Sewell’s novel, written in 1877, is part of our cultural heritage, in general. Written on ‘The First Horse’, it is among the top 10 best-selling children’s books of all time, one of the most popular shopping for generations that has inspired a series of television and feature films, too. Black Beauty has a good start and a happy ending but it has never been written as a fun fairy tale for kids. Sewell wrote that he had “shown kindness, compassion and understanding in the treatment of horses” and achieved some success by illuminating inhumane practices. In particular, the book contributed to the use of contact with hard-working chariot horses.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) presented BM Burmese to HM The Queen in 1969 and Her Majness cut off a truly prominent man who rode a mare sidesaddle for 18 years at the Trooping the Color show. The cavalry proved its mettle and demonstrated the famous ability to ride the King, when, in 1981, he was expelled from them for six terms. The feathers were colliding, and the two were resolved in seconds. After 21 years of service in Burma he retired from Windsor, where he is now buried. King addressed the RCMP with a Burmese horse statue specially commissioned by Stevenson Brothers after celebrating his 90th birthday.


The goddess, and the real father, of today’s race, this 18th-century point was not struck at his 18th beginning (which included 11 plates in King) and can be found in the blood of almost all race horses and, indeed, today. Happily for the race, the horse friendship was not freed by the gear but by working hard with the rough rider. Almost uncontrollable, he is thought to have covered 25ft by one step and was too far away to be beaten so that at the end of his career no one could be found betting against him. Eclipse, first; otherwise, nowhere.

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