Grey horses can not only their hair but their skin can lose pigment over their life time as well. Vitiligo also occurs in Humans under the same name. Often in the horse world it is just called Skin Depegmentation. Although there is little genetic knowledge known for the human Vitiligo it is believed to be linked to Melanoma, in horses, the Vitiligo is linked to Grey horses, a gene which shows a large number of horses with Melanoma. Vitiligo and Melanoma are not directly caused by the Grey gene but rather genes working closely together causing these close inherited relationships between Grey, Melanoma and Vitiligo.

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Vitiligo and LP Complex Mottling

Generally breeding horses with the LP Complex and the Grey gene together is avoided. This is due to the Grey gene ‘white washing’ out the patterns that the LP Complex gives to the horse. However, on the odd occasion where this is done an interesting combination of Mottling and Vitiligo can be seen enhancing each others effects on the skin. When the two effects are present there is more skin that loses pigment with the Vitiligo process.

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