Zebra stripes through the eyes of scientists

Have you ever questioned the striking black and white zebra on the African grassland? It seems that these two colors are easy to attract other beasts to attack. However, there is a new truth discovered that may surprise you.

Researchers have recently discovered that two black and white stripes appear to have a strange “ability” to help protect people and other animals from the bite of dangerous buffalo flies and nuisance from other blood sucking species.

In the Royal Society Open Science magazine, a report was issued that indicated the use of a black and white striped body can reduce the number of bites of wild buffalo flies up to 10 times.

Researchers have also studied scientifically after recording a number of different tribal groups in Africa, Austrlia, Papua New Guinea and North America using striped decorative drawings in rituals.

The researchers said the cultural significance of stripes and different patterns is mainly related to cultural factors, but in fact it plays a very anti-fly role.

Buffalo fly is a species that can transmit diseases through blood between animals. Thus, avoiding these troubles can be a matter of life or death on the steppe.

“We believe that the above tribes know the characteristics of fighting flies. Basically, the use of white striped bodypaintings can be considered an example of behavioral / ecological evolution and adaptation with the environment, “said Gabor Horvath, from the Department of Biological Physics at Eotvos University Lorand, Hungary.

For more convincing results, scientists also studied special effects thanks to black and white stripes using three different mannequins. In it, a dark-skinned mannequin, a light-skinned mannequin and a man with dark skin were painted with white stripes. After putting mannequins in a meadow near Szokolya in Hungary in the summer, they conducted a count of the number of bites received.

With the results, scientists were surprised when the flies had “forgotten” part of the mannequin pattern of white stripes.

Besides, using a high-tech device, scientists have shown that the white striped body helps polarized light reflection much less noticeable.

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